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The Profile of NSK Nugroho & N'Powerment

Before as a Hypnotherapist, NSK Nugroho, has been experienced in some companies such as Lintasarta, Telekomindo, Excelcom, and Paralel Transis Asia in many field of job such as marketing manager, business development manager , dan operation director.

NSK and Yan
NSK Nugroho dan Yan Nurindra

NSK and Bien
NSK Nugroho dan DR. George Bien

NSK Nugroho Dalam Sebuah Workshop
Hypnosis Training 02

NSK NUGROHO has started to learn hypnosis since year 2002 from Yan Nurindra (now he is the president of IBH (The Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapists). After that, NSK Nugroho with Yan Nurindra and several hypnosis practitioners form an association for hypnotherapist named IBH.
To improve the skill, NSK NUGROHO also studies assorted technique of hypnosis from various sources. He studied Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Achievement Center and The Institution for Advanced Neuro-Research and Education, New York led by  DR. George Bien - he is the president of Institute for Mind and Body Research and Education (IMBRE), New York.

Now NSK NUGROHO registered as a professional member of IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) based on USA as Certified Master of Clinical Hypnotherapist (MCH) and NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) based on USA as Certified Hypnotherapist (CH).
In indonesia, NSK NUGROHO is a Certified Instructor (CI) of IBH.
NSK Nugroho in 2009 with his friends, he also started the YHI (Yayasan Hypnotherapy Indonesia / Indonesian Hypnotherapy Association) to gather all Indonesian Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist under legal Indonesian Institution.
On 2014 NSK Nugroho with Lenny Dwinijanti form a training and education institute, LPHI - Lembaga Pengembangan Hipnoterapi Indonesia (SK Ka SUDIN DIKMEN Jakarta Selatan No. 1993/ 2014) which offers a hypnotherapy training up to the certified master level and gives a lisence to pratice Hipnotherapy under Indonesian Law.

As a professional hypnotherapist/ hypnotist since 2002, at his clinic –HypnoCare- NSK NUGROHO conducts extensive hypnotheraputic intervention sessions to many hundreds client from any societies (woman, man, old, young, and children) for motivation, self esteem, weight management, stress, depression, relationship improvement (parenting, couple, business), phobia, trauma, addiction, and more.

Based on his experiences as a professional hypnotherapist, NSK NUGROHO also gives many trainings and workshops related to hypnosis/ hypnotherapy through his institution that named N’Powerment.

Trainings given by NSK NUGROHO covers professional hypnotherapy, self transformation, hypnotherapy for parenting, hypnotherapy for couple relationship and others, good to corporate, group, also individual.

With participant more than 30.000 people since 2002

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