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Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis In Daily Life - 1

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Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis In Daily Life - 1

In so many opportunity, in web my site and also in every chance if you read an article or information about hypnosis (especially modern hypnosis), is informed that hypnotic situation (hypnotic states) is always happen in our everyday life and it is normal. What is the meaning of above explanation? How can it be happened?

Hypnotic-state is usually related to someone’s trance phenomenon / situation. This situation happens when we hardly focusing to something we concern so we avoid others. For that experiencing, maybe this condition is not realized. But for one who sees that, the impression would be far different; It can be seen strange or incredible.
Let’s look to somebody acting in a cosmetic or jewelry shop, eyeglasses shop, or fashion store. Look at carefully at her face, her eyes, as well as her behavior. Probably while she is fitting herself sometime she smiles or makes various expressions. For us who look at is likely that thing seen funny. We don't understand what she is thinking. Different to whom looking at, she might be imagining herself wearing that jewelry in one party. Then paid attention, she will not reply our greeting if she is already dissolved in her activity.

If we ask her when she is dong her activity, for example:
”What are you imagining there?”
The answer maybe:
“I am imagining whether my jewelry or my dress are compatible next X’s party”.

Or, you can ask:
“What are you doing there?”, and the answer usually same, or maybe she will answer, ”I am on the A’s party wearing this dress and this jewelry”
At that moment, she may be imagining or even feels really in the party wearing that dress and jewelry.
If you asked, whether she is really feels in that party (actually you are in the store), may be she will swear to tell “yes”. She is being dissolved in imagining it.

You can try with next question, “Who else in that party?”
And she will answer “There is A, there is B ...”.
Don’t be surprised, her gesture, her eye, or her head will move on a direction as if there is A or B when she is answering you. Just look at her gesture and face.
When you ask a question that is out of her fantasy, she may be not listens. Or, she might be astounding as if she wakes up from dreaming.

While she is fitting herself she is drifted in hypnotic state or trance. This thing can be told that she is doing self hypnosis. Her imagination is really deep according to her perception about party as her experience or others experiences.

At hypnosis stage guided by hypnotist, the kind of situation is “made” by hypnotist. He makes the trance period linger or slower. This phenomenon is usually happen in stage hypnosis. When in the trance state, subject doesn't realize what is going on since she/he has been already deep in his/her mind or fantasy, while the others will see a funny or strange things because the don’t know what is actually happen in subject’s mind. Of course, hypnosis should according to subject’s value. If the subject never sees, feels, or hears information delivered by hypnotist, hypnosis won’t work well. Subject may not be hypnotized.

Because we always interact with our external environment, hence all the things (event, place, work environment, etc) will influence us directly or indirectly. And when we are affected or empathy with that mater, means us being hypnotized.

A simple example, not too spectacular, everyday we always sees advertisement of certain product in billboard, then we sees again in television, and also reads it in news paper or magazine. Because frequently we see the promotion, at that time we become “advertisement victim”, so that we buy the product though the product maybe not required; or we make ourselves to require the goods.

Other example (usually applied in my training) when we are in a mall, where there are many activity over there, started from people we see around there, announcement by mall operator, a jingle we heard, colorful shops, etc., those activities suddenly vanished when we are attracted by a goods in a window display in certain shop. Maybe we don't feel it or realizes the changes in our face. But, others who is seeing us, of course knows it. This also called that we are hypnotized, or comes into hypnotic states. There are still many example of events that hypnotized us everyday life.
(to be continued)

Written from various sources and experience by:
Hypnotist - Hypnotherapist

Member and Certified Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Certified Hypnotherapist of  IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) -USA & Institute for Neuro-Research and Education, New York.
Member and Certified Hypnotists of NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)-USA
Member of Achievement Center New York
Member and Certified Hypnosis Instructor of IBH (The Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy)

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