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How life could be described?  One time I watched a classical orchestral concert which I've been waiting for a long time.  While enjoying the beautiful melody, suddenly it occurred to me that I forgot to lock the car door.  I was shocked.  On one hand comfortably enjoying the adorable concert, on the other hand worrying about the unlocked car door.

That's life. While enjoying the beautiful life with the beloved, enjoying the fruit of hard work... Out of sudden undesirable things happen. Lost of precious thing, death of the loved one, layoff and so on. That's life.

What do I do?  I was careless forget to lock the car door.  But I decided to enjoy the concert and keep praying to the Lord.  I asked that I can still enjoy the concert and if I may, return home with my car.

Right.  I enjoyed the concert to the end and return home with my car.



Keep enjoying the beauty of life which God has given.  Never be distracted by negative matters that will only disrupt our lives when we are in the pool of God's blessings.  Why?  In the blessing of God, there's  power and ground of life.  Ultimate value of life is here.  These values ​​which motivate us, heal our sick and draw us closer with The Creator.  Enjoy the blessings of God.

Welcome to the start of the week

"Keep the spirit"
Greetings with lots of love and prayer. Ari wijaya


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