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Reno Loves You Dad !

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Hypnoparenting : Reno Loves You Dad !

Introduction : Important article to read by any parents who think that they have complicated children, rebel, contrary., according personal experience when the writer do the Hypnotherapy to a boy. By : Budhi Hartanto CH.  

Budhi Hartanto
Budhi Hartanto
On one hot afternoon, I got a sudden call from a mother. Her voice sounded hoarse and full of emotion, telling me about her naughty son. She was desprate facing her son's naughtily who is still in junior highschool, grade 7 in Solo.

Of course she feel desprate, because on his age, her son's finger trained with cigarettes, and especially he was very generous to his high school friend sharing cigarettes infront of her mother. Even on his room, he easily smoking and spreading the ashes all over the place.
Some other times he didn't come home and disappeared two or more days without permission. When he lose his temper, he throws and breaking things he could grab at his house. He also likes beating his little sister when he got upset., and hooky becomes his favourite acts. His mid semester report were very poor. His school warned him and his mother, if there are no progress, next year he will not pass the grade. So that's the mother's problem, let's say her name is Ria, telling me her story long winded. I just nods while feeling my ear become hot because of this long conversation. Finally, we agree to meet tomorrow afternoon to do the hypnotherapy to his son,  Reno, at my office.

On the next day, as promised, Mrs. Ria came with Reno. And as my plan, I was going to do the hypnotherapy together with my friend Akh Didik Hermawan, a hypnotherapist aswell. After having a little chat for ice breaking, the conversation become focused to the problem.  Akh Didik begin the pacing-leading to Reno with youngster chat style and it's succeded.  Finally, Reno aggreed to talk to us more open with one condition, his mother leave him alone and wait for him outside the room. We let her mother to wait outside and Reno begin to talk.
We continued discussing about what hypnosis and hypnotherapy are. And beyond our expectations, Reno  was very excited with hypnosis. He said, "now there are many hypnosis show that broadcasted on TV" and I said, "What you see on TV is very simple hypnosis, just for fun, more than that hypnosis are very useful for self development. Would you like to empower yourself  with hypnosis Reno? If you would, my friend Didik here would like to teach you". He agreed, more and less these are our conversations :

Didik : Reno bro, would you like to learn hypno-motivation?
Reno : Yes I would! It's going to be easy right?
Didik : Yes, it's very easy. Just follow my words and sugestions. Okay, now take a look on my right eye... 'Snap'  (snapping fingers) SLEEP!
(We have tested Reno with suggestivity test before and we found out that he is one suggestible  person, and can enter deep relaxation easily. After sufficient deepening, my friend Didik were ready to do the next action).
Didik : I am going to ask your subconscious Reno, and please answer me honestly.
Reno : Yes… (eyes closed)
Didik : What do you feel now?
Reno : I hate it and I' m angry…
Didik : you feel angry...what caused it and to whom?
Reno : To everybody.... because they don't understand me...
Didik : Can you explain when you want to be angry with everyone?
Reno : When my father came home... everytime he came home, he always gave me tasks to do for days when he is not home.
(Reno's father is working in Jakarta and every two weeks or once a month he comes home to Solo. When answering this question Reno's eyes start to flutter and He looks nervous, he was breathing heavily).
Didik : What do you feel at that time?
Reno : (Reno falls in silent for a moment and suddenly  his eyes becomes wet.)... I feel unconfortable.... I want to have some fun with daddy..... I miss daddy....
Didik : Do you love your father?
Reno : (His body were shaking so hard and his tears begin to flood his eyes and start to fall into his lap.... his voice become  hoarse and halted)...  Yeah…I love daddy ….but daddy never home.... when he is home.... I can't ask him to relax... daddy gets mad... if didn't finish his task he gave me, he hit me....
Didik : Reno….now imagine that your father are sitting on the chair infront of you and tell him what you want to tell...
Reno : (More tears flooded and his body swelter, his voice become more hoarse and halted) ... I love you dad.... I miss you …..please don't hit me anymore.... I want to go out with you....I don't want to be a naughty boy... I love you....
Didik : Reno... would you forgive your father? Look your father will to give you a hug...
Reno : (His hand's was trying to reach on the air, trying to hug his father on his imagination, his tears were more flooded.). Daddy... daddy... daddy....

We continue this session by giving him positive suggestions. After we finished the session with Reno, we asked him to play outside and we asked Mrs Ria to come in. We told Mrs. Ria what happened during the session, and she was pensive and her eyes start to filled with tears.  She finally told us about her husband and their communication  barriers, about  their unharmonious parenting both of them.... etc...etc...
I said calmly, "Madam... from 100% of delinquency cases that have been treated with children ... proved that the problem lies not in the child but rather 95% lies on the child's parent. Actually we just gave Reno self motivation to make him more stronger, but it didn't solved the real problem. We, as the therapist, can't do anything about it. If we want our children to change, we as parent, need to change first. Children need a companion, and not a burden. If they were acting, actually we need to give them extra attention. Please discuss it with your husband for your son's goodness”.

After Mrs. Ria and Reno went back home... we still pensive. Imagining what our children feels, were they happy with this parent? And when I wrote this note, I didn't notice that my eyes filled with tears and came down. Next to my table, I saw my second child was fell asleep wating for me typing. That question start to shock me again.... Were my children happy with this parent? How about you? My dear God... please give us strength..!

* by Budhi Hartanto, Founder, Trainer and Terapist of Solo Mind Power Insitute
* Mind Power Insitute is a training institution with hypnosis base and, the office on Jl. Pajajaran Timur IV no 7, Solo

*From Budi Hartanto's Facebook.


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