Why Is It Hard For A Guy To Praise His Wife?

Saturday, 03 March 2012 18:07 administrator

Why Is It Hard For A Guy To Praise His Wife?

In the last few days, if you noticed, I have been writing a lot about family issues. It resulting quite some pros and cons. Especially those cons say, that their husbands are difficult to communicate. The husband is insolent and so on.

Basically, the man has lack of ability to praise his wife. That is shown. What caused it?

From my clinical experience, I discovered 2 things that stand out. Perhaps men in general felt that what's  done by the wives it's how it supposed  to be.

1. men tend to TAKE IT FOR GRANTED for what the wives did.
It should be admitted that man is lack of self-reflection. After the wife has gone from home several days, by then was the men realize how important his wife for life.

2. There are lots of men who are not capable of EXPRESSING their feelings. Tend to be silent.

Ok. Whatever it is, the wives need not to get angry. Or cynical, cold and speak in criticism tone.  Address with soft kindly tone what you feel and expect. Tell how important the praise and appreciation be told by the husband to you as his wife.

Remember all men are basically willing to learn to change when he knew that his presence is important for his wife.
Your task is to convince your husband that he means a lot to you. The husband really likes this. Definitely changed then and loving you so.

"Criticism words, especially vulgar language would not drive anyone to change  for the better"

Hope it's useful.

Keep the spirit ( Ari Wijaya MCH )