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Role of Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy In Motivation and Empowerment

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Role of Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy In Motivation and Empowerment

After we realized hypnotherapy and its effectiveness in process of healing, now we will evaluate the relation between hypnosis/ hypnotherapy and motivation and empowerment.

Many trainings of motivation have an aim to awaken and to empower our main ability, starts from Anthony Robbins which is famous with its Fire Walking, Get Your Alpha Power carried out by Mind Technology, NLP training (Neuro Language Program), Ari Ginanjar with the ESQ, Asian Works, and many others. There are many approaches applied in the training, from modern approach up to spiritual approach of religion spiritual.
From the trainings, participant is expected to increases their self confidence, to be a positive thinker, to be wiser in facing the “reality”, to be capable in stimulating himself to become “stronger” in facing the situation that might be not appropriate.    Besides, it also empowers people in facing medical or non medical problem.
The purpose of motivation awakening and empowerment are to build a balance system between mind, body and soul, so that we can overcome the external situation or environment that influences us everyday. The harmonious between mind, body, and soul, can make us to be wiser and stronger in standing everyday life problem. We always think positive where our behaviors are not easily annoyed by un-conducive situation.
About motivation itself, freely, possibly can be told as an effort to reach a target', or process towards target where we will do anything to reach it. Each and everyone surely had motivation, positive or negative, except she/he having psychological problem (maybe psychopath).
(Note: The 'positive’ terminology in this article is a forceps as according to the rule or ethics applied by public, or as according to what religion we believe, ethic, kindness, etc.  Whereas ‘negative’ is on the contrary) 

In behavior issues (regardless ethics aspect, religious, ethic kindness etc.), so long as someone understands his real main objective, people tend to be motivated and usually will not have problem psychologically. The problem is: do we understand our real main objective?

In motivation, people behavior and action can be categorized into four types:


“I know what I want and I do what I want”

This is en ideal situation. The individual really knows what his/her main purpose or objective in doing something and he/ she does something in line with that objective.

And officer is motivated to work hard even for overtime because his wife will deliver his first baby. He worked without any complain. The motivation was happened because he knows his main purpose or objective: getting happiness when becoming a father. He will work voluntary and conveniently. People surround him  also no problem with him.

Other example, the main purpose of a mobster is having a power, and this can achieve by do anything good or bad, possibly robbery and murdering to reach his main purpose. There are no psychological problems to that mobster; he knows what he wants. His main objective was clear, to be powerful through murdering and robbery. Off course, he is not accepted by some people, but may be accepted by certain person such as in bandit environment.

Here we don't assess positive or negative to his motivation. What would like to explain here is that each and everyone who is having and comprehends a main purpose (either good or bad) and then follows it up, generally doesn't have problem mentally. His/ Her motivation is clear.


“I know what I want, but I don’t do what I want”

The subject knows his/her real intention, but along of assorted thing, he or she doesn't act or cannot achieve the purpose. He is like losing of motivation.
A young girl has a real main purpose to be life free and convenient, but as there were some pressure of his house and her home is not conducive anymore, she difficult to reach. She’s unable to get her convenient, her motivation didn’t work. Then she ran away to the drug misuse, such as narcotics.  Actually, her real main purpose was good, but she did a wrong action. Finally, her motivation doesn’t work and she got the psychological problem.

Someone defalcates because he wishes to feel happiness, when he can make his wife happy. His motivation is right but his action is wrong.

Somebody is forced to work in place that is unmatched to his conscience. He is forced to do it because of economical motivation.

Someone wish to reduce her weight, but she remains to eat abundantly.


”I don’t know what I want, I just do it” as long as it good at the bottom.

Subject doesn't know his/her real intention. He/ she just do what he/ she can do without knowing whether it right or wrong. The bottom line, his acts are not ‘negative’. His or her motivation doesn’t have definite base.
People like this usually speculative and duplicate (imitates) others without knowing what which actually he/ she doing for. And he/she doesn't know the purpose of his/ her action.
In the certain condition, his behavior is not affected when the subject surrenders to any situation that will happen. They may say, “Thanked goodness if I successfully overcome it. But, even if it fails, that’s OK, I will accept it just as it is”.

We know, not all people can act like that. Though the mouth says surrenderness, but inside we don’t know, maybe it flares up extraordinary.

When the situation suddenly changes, people in this category usually will act as a chick losing its mother. They don’t know what to do, because they didn’t know the base of their motivation for doing something.
People in this category have potency in behavior problem (usually happened latter) when they shock emotionally.

There is somebody ready to work anything though he must work overtime night and day. When he is asked why he work like that, he will answer "Yeach ..., I don't know, I just work; because many says that work can make us happy”. He feels there is no problem with his behavior action because his orientation is only on process.
Now imagine, there is job disconnection in his company. Will he accept with the whole heart? If yes, hence the changing in his work environment will not affect him. He will look for other work.
In fact, because he doesn't know his real intention, he is not motivated to look for other work. Usually he just complains and complains about the changes in his work environment. As a result, his activity will be influenced; he can become stress, depression or have psychological problem.
Imaginable if he unable or not strong in bearing his problem (this case is often happen in my clinic), what will happen to him? In appearance, he likely seen so-so, but in side usually start to get a medical problem. He starts to be hit by diabetes, or high blood, etc.


“I don’t know what I want, and I don’t do anything”

The subject doesn't know his/her real intention, and he/she doesn’t make any action. Like apathy that doesn't have any motivation.  Even his/her behavior likely to normal, but that pretends. We can see, they always not satisfy with their actions.
People like this usually too pretend. Or, in the worst case, they usually stupefied, they don’t know what their purpose for work and don’t do anything to make an improvement.
Generally the people in this category also have potency to generate new problem causing the problem more complicated and complexly.

Returns to above categories, the first category is the best. Regardless ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, the important things is that the subject should have a base for his motivation in doing something. The difference is if the purpose is positive, hence he will be accepted by public, while the purpose is negative, it only accepted by certain person; but, mentally the subject will feel convenient.

This situation can be applied for medical problem. A diabetic patient will not have psychological problem as long as he realizes that life must be traveled and realize that there are always temptation in life, so that he accounts to life in happiness. Subject knows his purpose clearly, that is happy life, so that he is not thought of his disease. He is having drug as usual, and his behavior is normal. He is still motivated as usual, his activity is just normal without any stress or depression caused by the disease. Living with diabetes.

People who are in the second, third or fourth category tends to have psychological problem.

When the subject understands his real intention, he will be motivated to think is positive forwards and tries or doing something according to his main purpose, for example life in happiness.

Many people can survive even more success after 1998 turmoil where many people were jobless.  They know their real intention, and they are able to empower it to become right motivation.

What are the things influencing motivation that to our behavior?

Current condition and environment (directly-indirectly) has influenced our behavior psychologically. This situation might make us don't realize that our real intention (such as value system, belief system, etc) has shifted. We don’t’ have a chance to do self motivation according that purpose, even to empowering it.  This condition is hardly depends on ourselves, do we can bear the situation around us without any changes in our behavior?  Or ... are we “tune in” into that environment so that our behavior’s not being influenced though we still refer to our real intention? Or ... do we can look that matter with wise? Or ... will we be drifted into the condition because we didn’t care to our motivation anymore? Or ... are we unable to harmonize ourselves to the environmental situation that makes us frustrate, because we are too standing firm to our main purpose? Or . . .what else???

Many mental and behavior problems caused by indirect or direct influence from environment surround us. Someone becomes stress because felt incompatible with his/ her environment, like his/ her workplace or a place where he lives.  Like or dislike he/she couldn’t avoid that place because of certain demand, for instance economical demand.

May be there will be no problem if the condition we stay is conducive, very safe, peaceful, and comfortable as in peaceful village as in tale story. But in globalization era, especially in metropolis, can it be like that? Everybody is charged to compete however it is so that worries, stress, or depression can emerge anytime.

So then, how we overcome it?

What will happen if we can not harmonize with our environment? And, are there any ways to become harmonize?

The real intention and empowerment is the modality in motivation. This will be as a directive to overcome the pressure, minimizing the stress, or avoids the frustration when dealing with environment which might not in line to our soul.
The inability to overcome certain environment condition –which is not in line with our soul - can make us become “pain”. And probably we will say, “Our environment is like a hell”.

On the contrary, the ability to harmonize can make us as if to ‘tames’ the environment se we are not influenced (mentally) and our behavior are not disturbed. Motivation and empowerment become important ‘to prevent and to heal’ the ‘pain’ above. The clear motivation (for self) enables us to become wise.
We can solve the problem better and comfortably because we can separate which effect will harm and one will benefit for us. We can determine the action that matching to our selves and our real motivation.
Besides "behavior and mental problem”, motivation and empowerment are also important for healing in medical disease.

Motivasi dan pemberdayaan diri ini menjadi penting dalam proses 'pencegahan dan penyembuhan' suatu “penyakit" di atas. Motivasi yang jelas (bagi diri sendiri) membuat kita menjadi lebih bijak.

As it had been explained in article “Hypnotherapy as a means of assists for healing process”, healing process will work well when there is also a motivation to recover. With clarity a motivation, "I can recover from this disease, because I’ve been motivated to make my family remain happy", hence automatically we will enable to recover and achieved the motivation expected.

Other question, “How can motivation be awakened, and a result of empowerment can be maintained?”

Some sighs is often emerged coming from the second category, third and fourth above.

“I always had headache. I want to recover and I want my activity is not disturbed by this. I’ve tired to do, but it’s very difficult”. “I want to be free from this problem bothering my activity, but it’s very difficult very”.
This difficulty, in handling the problem, usually can make us frustrated and makes the problem more complex or become psychosomatic problem such as high blood, stroke, diabetic, high blood pressure, etc.

At other case, someone wants to slim by food diet, but it’s very difficult because he/she still love to eat many meals without knowing the reasons. He/ she doesn’t know his/her real motivation (this case often emerges in my clinic) to slim. Their intention has been covered by the desire to eat many, probably because the strong influences of the environment (loosen by environment).

In the mouth we say ”I want to release from this problem”, but we unable to fulfill that desire. Then (surprisingly), to release from the inability in bearing the problem (voluntary or involuntary), we looking for scapegoat, such as eating too much, or may be drugs, drink alcohol, etc. We should notice here, that the escape is not guarantee to release us from the problem. That solution is temporary because it is not (may be) in line with our motivation. And (may be) the problem will arise another time and we will pain in the same manner. Besides, this may generate more complex problem.
This often happens, say “A” in the mouth but say “Z” in the heart.

A person comprehending his purpose clearly, automatically (by reflex), will empower him/her self to achieve what he/she want. In this case, motivation is harmonize with the real intention.

Possibly someone would difficult to get slim if his/her purpose is only to please his/her spouse or partner. What will happen if there is no spouse or no partner? Is she/he still motivated to slim? It is different if his/her desire is because of him/her self (not because of others). For example she/he intends to slim in order to make her/him happier and more self-confidence. I’m sure he/she will suffer to reach the purpose.

Back to the example case at third category mentioned above, if that person comprehends his real intention, say he intends to be happy by working hard; he might be immediately looks for other job to fulfill the objective of his life. Such as happened after 1998 turmoil where many people even had been succeed after they got fired.
In the case of medical, for instance an athlete is wishing to recover from disease he suffered. When his main intention is to be a champion, he/she will be motivated to empower him/her self by doing anything to make him/her recover, like doing light practice to quickens the recovery, or following his medical doctor suggestion conveniently, etc. Imagines if he didn’t know what he wants, he/she will not be motivated and, maybe, he would be lazy to recover by him/her self.

In everyday life, a boy is please to go to school because he wishes to meet the girlfriend in school. The question, is he motivated to go to school? We don’t know yet. What will happen if there is no girlfriend, does he remain to go to school? It is different if the boy has main objective, for example to be pride having a good point in his study. Whether there are a girlfriend or not, the boy would still be motivated to go to school.

And many more...
Actually, we can arouse our motivation and empowering it by ourselves as long as we know what we really want; we know what our real intention. This can be done when our mind is clear and our condition is calm. But, does our environment and activity can make us doing that? Not all people can do it. Here, the hypnotherapist is required.

In a hypnotherapy process conducted by a professional Hypnotherapist, through certain technique and method, a client is guided to find his/ her own real intention or objective clearly. With this clarity, hence client will be motivated and empowered by him self to reach his intention without any analytical and critical expression, and without any hesitation. The strength motivation to coping the 'disease' or problem can makes client to empower him/her self.

Besides assisting client to getting his own intention and awakens the motivation, a hypnotherapist also reframes the client by shifting client paradigm or view to make it better. Sometime hypnotherapist also opens the client insight to the new values in order to add client knowledge in finding the solution.

A Hypnotherapist is not a spiritualist, and or diviner or a man having miracle who can awaken a motivation instantly like a magician. Human is unique. As mentioned before, each person has a unique reaction in facing the mostly similar problem In empowerment, to reach a purpose, people admits of changing.

It would become a challenge for hypnotherapist to find the main purpose of client, so that his motivation will be harmonized, and to make client doing self empowerment. (This process called as ' hypno-therapeutic').

In the case of medical disease, as has been done by many hypnotherapy experts, therapeutic process also can lessen medical a disease gradually. Client can overcome the mental problem with a clear mind and more positive.

Actually, this hypnotherapy methods have been done by a prominent religions (a kyai or ustad, a priest or pastor, a bhiksu, and also a counselor, etc) in their activity in building noble ethic values. The objective is same, though the approach is different, where they apply religion emphasis of spiritual, guiding client to realize his real intention, and to empower according to clients value and belief system.

A pure professional hypnotherapist, though he/she is not a counselor, not a psychiatrist, nor psychologist or a medical doctor, and or not a prominent of a religion, she/he can do the similar thing, because hypnotherapist usually more pays attention to the therapy process rather than ' content'. The difference is that he/she doesn't inculcate new base values except he/she is an expert (medical doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, or religion prominent).. But, as mentioned at article before, IT WOULD BE BETTER if a hypnotherapist comprehends things related to life values, spirituals, and religion. Of course, this thing can be studied or learned through experiences of self and others. Self experience usually is more effectively because it contains feeling element and emotional touch. How can one comprehend a family problem exhaustively if he/she have never having a family?

And so the contrary, if a religion prominent, counselor, medical doctor, psychiatrist, and psychologist are equipped with hypnotherapy techniques, it would be better and more effective in implementing their activity. They already have a basic knowledge about values, so they only to learn how to engraft the values to the client effectively.

But, DON’T WORRY, though as a hypnotherapist, you aren’t a medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, or even a religion prominent, you still can do it. Every client has basis value, different character and belief system that cause having a different intention. Despitefully, a hypnotherapist is not a superman who capable to solve anything. Therefore a hypnotherapist usually works along with them (psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctor, counselor, religion prominent, etc) to finalize client problems. And so do on the contrary.

In overseas, such in Europe and US, it is common if a hypnotherapist gives a reference to psychiatrist, psychologist, etc. regarding the client problem.  Sometimes a therapy is not guarantee that it can be handled only by one, except a therapist is a real very superman.

From here, it can be seen that the application of hypnotherapy is very wide and have a benefit to everyday life in awakening the motivation and empowerment. This article only explains a small part of hypnotherapy roles. There are many other functions of hypnosis/hypnotherapy, like in management aspect, communications, marketing/ promotion, company, law, household, and others.

By seeing this, do we still has an opinion that hypnosis or hypnotherapy is bad, or dangerous.....????
Written from various sources and experience by:
Hypnotist - Hypnotherapist
Member and Certified Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Certified Hypnotherapist of IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists) -USA & Institute for Neuro-Research and Education, New York.
Member and Certified Hypnotists of NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists)-USA
Member of Achievement Center New York
Member and Certified Hypnosis Instructor of IBH (The Indonesian Board of Hypnotherapy)

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