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Hypnotherapy For Politician

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Hypnotherapy For Politician

A Hypnotherapy application for Politician in Indonesia

In some literature, there are several hypnotherapy applications that have been used in various aspects of life. There are applications for childbirth, stop smoking, less confident, body slimming, and a lot more. By this chance, I would like to apply hypnotherapy for politics. Which means this writing is meant to see the relevance of hypnotherapy for politicians in the noble task that they are working on.

1. POLITICS: Meaning and Reality

The word “politics” comes from the Greek word “policea” which means wisdom. Then, policea word is taken over by many languages, including Indonesian language. Initially in the Greek era, state or more precisely “city state” was called “polis”. Because of that developed statement, the word “politics” has an art meaning to regulate and take care of a country with the purpose of community’s welfare or often called as bonum commune. It is the noble task of politician.
In general, politics includes vary of activities in a community system that organized in a country and involves decision making either for the purpose of the system itself or for the implementation. Although politics is not that far from power, essentially a politician is constantly focusing on the needs of the community, the longing of the community and the ideals of community. A politician has been asked to think about the community needs and to help their community so that the politician can reach the noble task.

2. HYPNOTHERAPY: Client Centered Therapy Method

The word “hypnotherapy” consists of two combined words which are hypnosis and therapy. In the history, the word hypnosis itself has a development of meaning, from the word “hypnos” in Greek which means “God of sleep”. But formerly, hypnosis was known as a sleeping condition that deliberately made so that a person could receive suggestions. This understanding is suitable to the understanding in Encarta dictionary. As the time goes by, there are a lot of definitions of hypnosis. But the most representative definition is that hypnosis is an “art communication” of affecting other people. In the next development, hypnotherapy is not only focusing on healing but also an art communication to help other people raising positive values in their selves so that they can grow to a better life from present to future.

3. HYPNOTHERAPY FOR POLITICIAN: Oriented to “People Centered Therapy”

How is hypnotherapy applicated on politician? Is that possible? The answer is yes, it is very possible. Hypnotherapy technique that can be used is a reasonable technique which is the use of communication with the human subconscious. There is a strong relevance between the science hypnotherapy and the political science. The similarity is that both are focusing on the empowerment of communication of human quality.

3.1. Persuasive Communication
In hypnotherapy, an effective communication is really helpful in the process of therapy. With this persuasive communication, hypnotherapist can know more information about the situation and what the client needs. As well for the politician, the more he is able to use the persuasive communication, the more he will be able to read the community’s needs and to read the other politicians who are his counterpart. The more persuasive communication, the more information can be known. The key in hypnotherapy is the way of communication that used in relating communication sincerely, friendly, and openly.

3.2. Suggestive Language Patterns
A good communication is an effective way to form rapport (the relation that intertwined). Hypnotherapy principal can be used by a politician, by using a suggestive language patterns. A suggestive language pattern is a certain rule that can determine the success of hypnosis process. There are 5 effective language patterns:

  • Personal: using a familiar language that can be easily understood by clients or local community (consists of using of words, idioms, habits and culture)
  • Emotional: there are a lot of people who rely on ratio power for making decision. But essentially, the success of communication will be easier and more effective if it is influenced by the person’s ability to develop emotional nuances in communication. Shortly, a suggestion will be effective if there is an ability to raise the emotional nuances that enabling a person to imagine and raising the comfortable feelings.
  • Positive: it is easier for a person to receive a positive suggestion rather than negative suggestion. It means that positive suggestion is more able to help people in raising the comfortable feelings.
  • Repetition: This suggestion is intended to be more included in someone's subconscious and become part of his life. This can help people to feel relax and comfortable.
  • Present: when should a suggestion begin? The answer is obviously now. It means that a hypnotherapist or a politician is able to convince people not with future promises but present promises. Here and now.


From this short description, I see that there is a very close relation between hypnotherapy and politics. Where is it? First: they both are putting the point of their concern on the people that they serve or the clients. Second: both are attempting on comfort for the people that they serve. Third: both are using the personal, emotional, and positive language recurrently and request starts from now. Forth: both are focusing on human’s concern. This has been raising human’s noble values. Human is appreciated and helped to get the meaning of life. A hypnotherapist and a politician are essentially only helping.
Is that possible for a politician to get a hypnotherapy training to help on serving community better and answering the community’s longing more precisely? For me it is very possible. There are a lot of principals in a way to approach hypnotherapy which are great for politicians to help them doing the noble task.
Hope this is useful.

Hypnotherapy For Politician

Ari Wijaya, SS, CHt, MCH

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