What is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis TrainingWHAT IS HYPNOSIS STATE ?.......

For people who just heard the word 'hypnosis’, they’ll think that hypnosis is strange, danger, magic, etc. (Look at: "The History of Hypnosis ")
THOUGH. . . . . .
Hypnotic state is a natural condition we always experience everyday. And unfortunately (in fact) we are experience it every time. SURELY. . .
Hypnotic state is a condition or where we are receptive to suggestion or message, both from outside self (another person, environment) and from inner of ourselves, easily without opposition/ repellent,  or analysis towards that suggestion, so that we are voluntarily to implement that suggestion.

But. . . . of course. . . .
It depends to ourselves to follow or to averse or to ignore the suggestion. Like in advertising, we’re influenced to buy it, or influenced to ignore it. Again, it’s depend to ourselves, buy or averse it.
In a few definitions, hypnotic state is usually related with trance condition. It is an intermediate state between waking and sleeping. In this situation we are likely unconscious to something, and become aware after the event has passed or somebody tell us.

The state of meditation, remembering Allah (dzikir), contemplation, pray with engrossed are also called as hypnotic state. So, in reality we can trance although we get up.
And don't be surprised . . . . . as a normal, we’re always hypnotized by whatever more than ten times in a day, aware or not, voluntary or involuntary. . ! ! !
As long as there are a communication, hypnosis is happened! ! !
Glove anaesthesia:
When you’re passionate in shopping, you don't realize there is a little gravel at your shoe. Or, probably you don’t feel that you’re wearing a sock.

Negative visual halucination:
When you are very busy, you don't see ballpoint in front of you, so you look for it thoroughly many places.

Positive visual halucination:
For example at that moment you madly in love in one artist, so at one particular chance when you meet other artist, you are direct hailed it and consider him as your idol artist.

And....... many more.....

The most common thing that hypnotized us is advertisement. Your first aim go to the store was to buy a sugar and oil, but when you went out of store obviously you buy cigarette, candy, etc, and it was outside of your first aim. At home you just aware that you have bought something that you don't need.
Hypnosis is an art and method of communication which is suggestive and persuasive!

Hypnosis HAS NO CORRELATION WITH MAGIC OR WITCHCRAFT although the phenomenon look likes magic or black magic.
Again, hypnosis is a natural condition where we are usually experience everyday. Hence, to come into hypnotic state, depend on you!!! . Control is in your hand!!
You will not enter hypnotic state otherwise you wish for it, or the suggestion opposes against your value system. . . . . . ! ! ! !
A hypnotist only guides according to your value and your willing;  and even, he can help you tobrace willing and your value.
Therefore.... HYPNOSIS IS SAFE...!!!
Pros and cons on hypnosis depend on who operates it and depends on system value of the subject.
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